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Scar Tissue & Adhesions

Scar tissue and adhesions are not often talked about but are a major part of a postpartum mothers internal healing. Scar tissue can grow deep into the pelvic floor effecting the delivery of blood to our pelvic tissues. It can develop from c-section births, vaginal tearing at birth, episiotomy or laparoscopic procedures on the cervix.

For the mother who has scar tissue around incisions, the immediate area can feel numb, like pins and needles, painful or have a pulling or stretching sensation. Where adhesions are present, a limited range of motion is often felt. When checking for scar tissue we are feeling for areas under our fingers that feel like ropes, wires or hard pebbles. When these areas are pressed into, there is a range of sensation felt from numbness or full to sharp knife-like pain.

It is important to remember that a visible scar is just one spot that scar tissue has formed - beneath the visible scar is a network that can spread through the body and if this tissue is not properly worked on, it can create pain and dysfunction over time.

The majority of C-section scars are located in an area where nerves can be entrapped and if not treated, scar tissue from a c-section can spread in multiple directions along our bodies fascia, attaching to the pubic symphysis, the hip flexors, the vertebra & muscles of the back. (It can also travel up towards the diaphragm and inhibit breathing). Adhesions occurr when scar tissue glues the fascia of tissues or organs together.

Our bodies don't always know how to break down scar tissue. Heat, pressure and our awareness break down scar tissue and it is so important we work on this once we are ready to after birth to ensure the wellness of our internal health. Persistent scar work also supports emotional resolution to our experience and feelings around how our birth unfolded. Our scars are connected to our emotions and to heal, we must meet all of our layers.


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