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Podcast Interviews

Pretty Depressed

C-Sections, Breathwork and ways to ground yourself: Vanessa has dedicated a lot of her life to studying breathwork and now her career also includes supporting women who have had c-sections. I loved our chat and even learnt some great easy to follow breath work exercises myself.


Advanced Health Chiropractic

Birth Series: Regulating your nervous system for optimal pregnancy, birth and Motherhood transitions / Vanessa Werner

Vanessa Werner is a wonderful start to our Chat on This Birth series, brought to you by Advanced Health Chiropractic.

Vanessa is best known for how she collaborates with women, supporting them during pregnancy with personalised prenatal education alongside providing mental and emotional resources as they prepare for birth.


Embodied Confidence Podcast

Breathwork, Birthing & Maiden to Mother w/ Birth Doula, Vanessa Werner.

There is so much to integrate and embody when you're ready to embark on the journey into motherhood. With Google and social platforms, it can all get overwhelming.


In this episode, Vanessa talks about finding your embodied confidence as you move gently into the maiden to mother transition.


This is such a powerful convo!

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Little Oak: To Doula, or Not?

Hosted by LittleOak CEO and Founder Elke Pascoe, This Little Life is an impromptu and lively discussion diving into the big and little issues of parenting and beyond.

Childbirth. A word that can trigger a hundred different emotions – from joy to fear and back again. Then, you head home with a tiny human and everything else goes out the window. But what about mum? How are we helping them through this massive life transformation?


Vanessa Werner believes we can do better. As a Doula, her passion is empowering women during pregnancy, birth and recovery. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, her goal is to create a respectful birth culture for mothers.

But what does that look like? How do we achieve this? Should all women have a doula? Join us as we tackle the ultimate childbirth conundrum – to doula or not?


Join Bija: Breathing Through Life & Motherhood with Vanessa Werner

This session is a deep dive into your personal relationship with breathing and how it contributes to your pregnancy, birthing and postpartum wellness.


This session will help you to develop an understanding of how your individual breath pattern (and your baby's) impacts every function in your body and at any given moment, determines your present state of being.


Through these teachings, you will be able to connect to the innate awareness of your nervous system responses and ensure balance and regulation of you and your baby's nervous system function.

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