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Birth Recovery Support & Postpartum GUIDANCE

How do you feel about your birth story?
Whether a positive or negative experience, childbirth stays with a woman for the rest of her life and can have significant psychological, physical and social impacts. 

Pregnancy, birth and postpartum is one of huge transition with many layers of mental, emotional and physical change. During the first precious weeks of the Fourth Trimester, you are healing from your pregnancy and birth journey while learning the ways of a newborn. It is our physiologic design to be deeply rested and resourced for an optimum recovery and cared for as a newborn mother deserves to be.


Parenthood (even if it is your second, third or fourth baby) is usually accompanied with newfound pressures and demands on top of physical recovery, impacts of birth trauma, or feelings of anxiety or depression. Mothers need to be supported to rest, to receive the right nourishment and to have the time and space held talk about and feel complete on their baby's entrance into this world. 


I ensure a strong foundation of mental, emotional and informative support, as well as offering guidance and referrals when needed such as helping you to access additional services for newborn feeding (breast/formula), sleep, nutrition and/or counselling. You will be supported with a foundational understanding of how our brain and body stores our significant experiences through our nervous system and what you can do to ensure you have the tools to regulate and support your nervous systems health and therefore your entire bodies wellbeing. 


Together, we will work to ensure you feel closure around your birth experience with discussion and somatic tools embodied to help you to understand, process and release your birth energy, giving you the confidence to move forward in your new chapter not just as a mother, but also as a family. 


Session Content can include

(but is not limited to):

  • Support for postpartum difficulties including: self-esteem, self-confidence, depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, stress management, OCD and trauma​.

  • Discussion (and restorative body techniques embodied) as you seek understanding, closure and healing of your pregnancy and birth experience.

  • Understanding how the brain and body respond to birth recovery (and trauma if experienced).

  • Nervous system regulation support and understanding.

  • Expectations of parenthood vs. the reality.

  • Paradoxes of motherhood and navigating the Matrescence transition.

  • The physiological blueprint of infants (needs, attachments and development).

  • Personalised nutritional insight supportive to your mind/body recovery.

  • Compassionately exploring your relationships with your baby/children/partner and adjusting to new dynamics as a family.

  • Embodying 'responsive' over 'reactive' parenting techniques. 

  • Understanding the ripple effects and impacts of birth trauma. 

  • Guidance of physical recovery and emotional support.

  • Breastfeeding and latch support and/or formula and bottle feeding support.

  • Referrals as needed to appropriate care providers.

  • Guidance to help you to trust your intuition and discover your own parenting philosophy. 

These 1:1 sessions were more than just 'counselling'. They were an opportunity for me to acknowledge what I had lived through with birth and to feel safe to heal the trauma I was still carrying in my body from the experience. Vanessa helped me to find clarity in moving forward and guided me to harness my intuition which has improved the relationship with my baby and confidence in myself as a mother.

If you would like to connect on a complimentary call with me, please click the button below.

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