postpartum care

The time of birth and postpartum is one of huge transition. You are healing from your pregnancy and birth journey while learning the ways of a newborn. It is our physiologic design to be deeply rested and resourced for an optimum recovery from birth and a postpartum doula is able to support you through this next chapter ensuring you are cared for as you deserve to be.


As a new mother, it is your innate knowing that you should only need to focus on your recovery and the discovery of your relationship with your newborn. Parenthood is usually accompanied with newfound pressures and demands on top of recovery, birth trauma, anxiety or depression. Mothers and their partners need to be supported to rest after birth, to receive the right nourishment and to have the time and space held so as they can feel complete on how their baby entered this world. 


As a postpartum doula I ensure a strong foundation of emotional and physical support, as well as offering guidance and information when needed such as helping you to access additional support for breastfeeding, sleep or counselling. 


Time and space will be held to ensure you gain closure on your birth experience, with discussion and somatic tools embodied to help you to process and release your birth energy. I will work with you to ensure I leave you with instilled confidence to move forward in your new chapter as a family. 


postpartum care Package includes:

  • ​Unlimited phone, text and email support to address questions or concerns.

  • 2x Prenatal 'Postpartum Preparation' sessions

  • 4x Postpartum support sessions

  • Care Team Referrals

  • Closing the Bones ceremony available at an extra cost

  • This can be an ongoing service for mothers who are finding it difficult transitioning into parenting, visits can be individualised for as long as you need the extra support.

Pricing discussed during complimentary consultation
Suggested package period: 28 weeks of pregnancy 

**Options available to combine service packages


emotional & mental wellbeing

nutritional support 

newborn care & Bonding

physical recovery support & rest

breast feeding
& Latch Support

& resources 


discussion & restorative embodiment as you debrief your birth story

supporting you to trust your intuition & discovering your own parenting philosophy

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