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Prenatal Education & Birth Preparation

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a time to be truly celebrated and it is also a time to invest in. The next 9 months will be a journey as you navigate new experiences and knowledge.


Developing a caring, supportive relationship with your chosen health care provider is critical for you to be able to effectively communicate your feelings and preferences, and for your choices to be respected in the birthing room. Education around birth is also fundamental but most importantly, the confidence to speak up and voice your concerns, or curiosities is vital.

I work to ensure you feel connected to your deepest self, supported in your knowledge and resourced to make the right decisions throughout your pregnancy and around your birth. 


I want to inspire you to be excited and confident, to help nurture new thought and peak your curiosity around birth:


  • It is my priority to encourage informed choice and to provide a foundation of education around the culture of birth and why it is important for you to take charge of your prenatal/postpartum care and birth choices.

  • To listen to your perspective and needs and understand how I can best support you, along with opening up to you the world of supportive therapies you can include during your pregnancy (acupuncture, chiropractic care etc).

  • Normalise birth as a biological process and a healthy, normal state of our reproductive cycle by introducing basic understanding around how pregnancy and birth work on a natural biological level so you can develop the confidence in your body and its capabilities of birth.

  • To help you see yourself as a unique, strong, healthy human - feeling confident to ask questions, make individual choices, to not fear questions around routine medical procedures and confidence to request individualized care.

SESSION CONTENT Can include (But is not limited to):


  • Mama Foods: Nutritional suggestions to support a healthy, full term pregnancy. 

  • Postpartum meals and recovery foods including recipes and nutritional basics.

  • Restorative approach to building your physical and mental strength through breathwork, nutrition and movement.

  • Meal preparation and recipes for postpartum.

Community Resources

  • Referrals and educational information on the benefits and support of practitioners: Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Massage, Yoga, Naturopath etc. according to your needs. 

  • Postpartum support explored: Lactation Consultant, Sleep Consultant etc. according to your needs.

visualizing your birth

  • Understanding the physiology of birth.

  • Building your birth values.

  • An exploration of any past birth & pregnancy experiences.

  • Birth plan discussion and creation.

  • Care providers and birth location options.

  • Informed consent and birth intervention awareness.

  • Comfort measures for labour. 

baby's world

  • Pregnancy test and scan options.

  • Impacts of diet, exercise and rest during pregnancy.

  • Foetal development throughout each trimester.

  • Expressing colostrum in the 3rd trimester.

  • Environment preparation (creating baby's space, creating mama's sanctuary, birthing space and set up (home birth)).

  • Creating new routine and addressing old habits before baby's arrival.

  • Breastfeeding/bottle feeding preparation.

Thank you for helping me to find my voice. After finding out I was pregnant, I had so many dreams of how I wanted to experience pregnancy and birth. Knowing what I wanted was one thing, voicing it to my care providers was another thing (!) and I often found myself in conversations I felt so uncomfortable with as I was made to feel as though an expert knew better. Vanessa, you helped me to build confidence in my instincts and I was able to commit to and voice my decisions with a newfound clarity and strength which ultimately led me to having the birth I knew I was capable of having.
Steph B

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