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Postpartum guidance

Birth recovery Support

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What is involved in a 1:1 session with Vanessa?

You will be met as you are during each session to talk through and address concerns or curiosities along with being provided with the appropriate resource and individualised support to continue moving forward into the journey of motherhood. 


How many sessions should I book for?

The number of 1:1 sessions required will depend on your personal concerns and therefore will be individually tailored to meet your unique needs.

How will I benefit from Vanessa's support?

As women, we can experience a range of challenges and difficulties during our transition into motherhood including anxiety, depression, and more general adjustment difficulties to becoming a parent. Having a space to talk through, explore how you are feeling and what you are experiencing or have experienced is extremely important in the health of your wellbeing, your capacity to connect with and recognise your own needs and the impacts on your close relationships.

Do you have questions or would you like to set up a consultation?

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