Growing up in Hong Kong, I had a childhood surrounded by the teachings of Chinese medicine and from a young age was exposed to holistic health and the healing benefits of alternative treatments, all of which laid a foundation of knowledge brought through in the ways I now collaborate with my clients.

My journey of maternal health and birth work has been intertwined with my own personal experiences along with completing breath-work, prenatal, birth and postpartum certifications.


As a certified care practitioner I believe women’s access to informative resources and their rights to choices around their births are of greatest importance and when it comes to support and guidance - it is your unique ways and your unique self which determine the unique care to ensure you are supported in the best way for you throughout your journey. 


When you look back on your pregnancy and birth, I want you to feel that you felt a strong foundation of support, a clear understanding of your options and that you were able to confidently make informed choices that were appropriate to you.

Knowledge enables confidence in personal choice, 
guiding us to find our voice. It is therefore so important that women receive the right education about their bodies innate abilities to give birth - it is my passion to help women connect to this primal part of themselves from early on in their pregnancy so they can meet their truest depths during birth and feel an expanded capacity to navigate the postpartum period. 


Welcoming your baby earth-side requires preparation and patience and I aim to inspire growth and transformation in those who wish to expand their awareness around the transition of childbirth.


My work focuses on the importance of physiological childbirth while accommodating my practices as research continues to update itself. My role in birth care is one which presents constant learning, it is a culture that feeds my thirst for knowledge and continuous growth both personally and professionally.  


Dr. Michel Odent, famous natural birth physician, says “one cannot actively help a woman to give birth. The goal is to avoid disturbing her unnecessarily.” 


This is the way in which I hold space during birth - making sure you are nourished, hydrated, reassured, and comforted, bringing through a delicate balance of coaching, guidance and support while honouring the sacred space for you to follow your body’s instincts.


It is my goal to create within New Zealand, a respectful birth culture with a strong sense of community, support, and resource. Through experience, I have accumulated a wide range of resources and referrals available to you which include Birth Pool rentals, Placenta Encapsulation, Holistic Nutrition, Lactation Consultant’s, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists and more.


A heartfelt congratulations to you on your pregnancy - I look forward to getting to know you and being a part of your journey.