INNATE Postpartum Course, Planning for the Fourth Trimester 


**Next workshop Sunday 28 November 2021
6:30pm - 8:30pm

A 5 week deep dive into the 5 essentials to postpartum healing, mapping out how to best set your unique family up for the postpartum time.

In our time together we'll explore how to implement:

-The science and spirit of rest, as evidenced by postpartum practices that have been in place for thousands of years
-The importance of postpartum nutrition on mood, mental health, and how the reproductive years influence menopause
-The necessity of body care from others, and more importantly, the self-care practices you can implement yourself
-The wisdom of warming and integration practices, to facilitate physical and emotional healing
​-The value of community, how that looks for you, your family, and your specific needs

2x hours | 1x a week | 5x weeks

Cost of series: $400 per birthing person (partner included)
When to take the class: Between 16-36 weeks of pregnancy

Birth Stories

(Mamma Space)

A space for mothers and expecting mothers to hold space for each other, gathering to share their stories with each other and receive support as they seek it.

Online container

7pm - 8pm | Thursday evenings | Weekly

Image by Juli Kosolapova


Birth is a major transition in a women's life and like all that we experience, our body stores our emotional connections to life's significant moments. 

Breathwork, discussion, resource and support will be explored to help you feel complete and allow your body to heal from your birth journey. 

2x hours | 1:1 session

Maiden to Mother Workshop

A container that offers discussion, resource and safety around what we can do to prepare ourselves for this transition from Maiden to Mother and how we can trust our bodies to guide us through this experience, stepping into our personal power armed with knowledge and the trust in ourselves to navigate and embrace such a beautiful, life changing transition with the support we deserve to have.

This container will create preparation, build community, offer support and provide resource. 

Online container

7pm-9pm | Wednesday evenings | 2 months (8x sessions)

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1:1 Q&A Support Call​

Overwhelmed by your own research? Let's sit down together to navigate your finds and help you to gain some clarity on your concerns/needs/interests/wishes/progress/beliefs/planning/wants.. 

1 hour