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Are you feeling overwhelmed in your pregnancy journey? Would you like personalised and consistent support in preparation for birth? Do you feel your birth experience may still be impacting your life and health? Would you like the chance to talk about and bring closure to your birth story?


This is a space for you, to find the resource you seek and the support you deserve.

Vanessa collaborates with women, supporting them during pregnancy with personalised prenatal education alongside providing mental and emotional resource as they prepare for birth.


With a focus on perinatal mental health, Vanessa also offers postnatal guidance and birth recovery support. 

Vanessa believes in creating a space where you feel safe, validated, empowered, and can find clarity and closure from your motherhood experiences.

Working with Vanessa will help you to uncover solutions, access personalised resources, and achieve the meaningful and foundational changes to move forward with confidence into your parenting journey. 


Guiding women with personalised prenatal education and preparation for labour & birth alongside helping mothers to heal from their birth experience with compassionate trauma support and postnatal guidance. 





Meet Vanessa

"It is important to unravel the significant impacts experienced within a woman's motherhood journey while ensuring she has all the tools to feel supported in her healing, validated of her experiences and connected to right community."

Vanessa Werner


Mothers Journal

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