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Home Birth Ready - Hire Kit

Hire this birthing pool for your home or water birth now to avoid disappointment!



  • Inflatable birth pool
    - Holds 400-500L of water
    - Measures 185cm x 180cm x 53cm
  • Birth Pool Liner – food grade NZ made liner FREE OF BPA, Lead, cadmium & heavy metals.
  • Heat Retention Cover
    - Keep your pool warm when not in use 
    - Aluminised non-stretch polyester. 
  • Floor protector
    - Measures 3x4m 
    - Protects floor under the pool once inflated
  • Hose Fitting
    - Suction adaptor
    - Connects hosing to water sources
  • Hosing 
    - Measures 5m long 
    - Used to fill and empty the pool
  • Debris scoop
  • Thermometer
    - Floats to monitor temperature
  • Electric pump
    - Once charged, takes 25 minutes to inflate the pool
  • Patch
    - Included for any small punctures 


This pool is perfect for use with your partner.

Birth pools can be used during labour to provide effective, natural pain relief.  Labouring in water can help you relax and encourage contractions, helping to reduce stress of feelings of anxiety.

This birthing pool is provided clean and disinfected.

Home Birth Ready - Hire Kit


    The default hire period is a maximum of 5 weeks (from 3 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your estimated due date). Shipping times excluded.

    The pool will be delivered to your address and will be due for return within 2 weeks after your expected due date.

    Please indicate your Due Date in the Order Notes section below your order on the ‘Check Out’ page. 

    Please note: A $50 non-refundable booking fee is included in the total hire price

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