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Morning Sickness Remedies & Support

I get it - you feel like you have tried EVERYTHING and nothing is helping you to feel better and sometimes (I'm sorry to say), nothing can.

My 'morning sickness' has been with me since my 4th week of pregnancy and though it has only just eased (21 weeks), even typing this post is bringing back the all too familiar queasy feeling.

I still experience food aversions and if I'm not actively snacking throughout the day and keeping on top of what I'm eating - the nausea can creep back up really quickly.

It is likely you've been told by everyone (and anyone) what will work and what won't and sometimes it just comes down to doing what you can to get through each day.

Yes - it is awful, there is no feeling like it, nor can anyone truly understand what you are going through unless they have actually experienced it. (Sometimes, even the thought of putting a toothbrush in my mouth would make me want to gag).

So, coming from someone who has lived the struggle (and on some days is still embodying it), I hope the below can help in some way... These are remedies I have personally tried and though they didn't make my nausea go away, there was a short term relief from symptoms:

  • Acupuncture (regular appointments)

  • (Very important) Stay Hydrated: If water won’t stay down, try frozen juice popsicles during the day. (Try to stay away from sugar in the evenings as it will cause your blood sugar to further dip overnight and result in you feeling worse in the mornings).

  • Powerade's and Electrolyte drinks - best served ice cold!

  • B Vitamins & Zinc. (Brewer’s yeast is high in B vitamins, which prevent nausea, and can easily be sprinkled on cereal or rice).

  • DIY Belly Rub. Use 1 drop of peppermint oil to 3 drops chamomile oil. Place on a warm, damp towel, and rub your belly.

  • Rest. Being overtired can make nausea worse.

  • Motion Sickness Wristbands.

  • Eat a Protein Snack before bed. (Maintains blood sugar stabilization overnight).

  • Drink Tea: Raspberry leaf, peppermint, lemon & ginger

  • Ginger: Fresh ginger can be cut and grated into plain hot water/tea, or you can make a refreshing iced water (lemon can also be added!) You can also take ginger in capsule form, drink ginger ale, or eat ginger chews.

  • Exercise: If you can stomach it, mild exercise and walking can relieve nausea-triggering hormonal activity.

  • Fresh Air: Step outside and breathe it in.

  • Eat Often. Consume 5-6 meals a day, so you are eating every few hours. Make sure they include some carbs and protein to maintain your blood sugar level.

  • Sipping apple juice through the night can help to keep your blood sugar stable.

  • Foods to Avoid: Anything spicy, fried, fatty, or greasy, caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

  • Slow Your Roll: In the morning, get out of bed slowly and avoid sudden movements. Remember to keep some crackers or plain digestive cookies by your bed to eat before you get up.

  • Avoid Strong Odors: This includes asking your partner to go light on his deodorants/colognes as well.

  • Yoga: Try sitting on the floor, cross-legged, bending forward and resting your elbows and forehead on a chair.

You are not alone in this - know that your body is going through and adapting to some huge changes which will support your growing baby and pregnancy. Ask for support and go easy on yourself - rest when you can and know that it will pass.


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