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Dear Awesome Husband,

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Please remember that I will be exhausted, hormonal and overwhelmed when we become a new family. I won't tell you when I'm feeling all the feels and I will probably take it out on you...

even though I will hate myself for it later. (This might or might not be our first rodeo) so let's try to remember that life and emotions will eventually settle down. We will find our new rhythm as a bigger family. I promise.

And here is what I want us to remember when we bring that new baby home from the hospital. Every season, every stage and every age has challenges. It's all hard in one way or another. But it's a privilege, too. Let's remind each other to enjoy the good stuff in the early months and enjoying the good stuff is an intentional decision. I want to be more intentional. Instead of passing out on the couch at night watching TV, let's take the new baby upstairs for snuggles. (Yes, we can watch Netflix on the upstairs TV after baby snuggles). Let's take a picture of our baby every night so as we never forget the look of peaceful slumber and please help me to remember those cute monthly photos. I'll pick the outfit; you take the picture! Can you remind me to enjoy our kids more? You know like how you play so good with them after you get home from work while I decompress and make dinner? Let's order takeout every Friday so I can join in the play time. Lastly, I want to remind you that when the crying and screaming is coming at us from all different directions, don't forget to look at me. I may be crying too, but this is our life. This is our privilege. This is us and I love us. Love, Your Very Pregnant Wife

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