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Maiden to Mother (Workshop)

Not enough is discussed about truly preparing ones self for motherhood.

The initiation we move through in pregnancy and the ritual we must surrender to that is birth is not to be underestimated nor tamed.

The road of Maiden to Mother is one we must ultimately journey on alone but this doesn’t mean we can’t surround ourselves with support, resource and preparation so we can follow our unique path with fearless curiosity.

What we need to develop as women is a firm foundation of trust in our body to steer us through our pregnancy and childbirth experience, stepping into our maternal power armed with knowledge and the confidence in ourselves to navigate and embrace a beautiful life changing transition.

• When was the last time you felt truly connected to your intuitive self?

Your hormones, menstrual cycle, pelvic health, sleep, nutrition and relationships are all pillars which form this connection within.

•What can you do to begin to deepen your understanding of your body and what feels good for you?

When our emotional needs are met, it positively effects our physical health and when our physical needs are met, it positively effects our emotional health. In this way, there is healing work to be done so we can access our higher intelligence and intuition as women meeting ourselves in birth and on the otherwise as mothers.

Maiden to Mother is a 6 week workshop held by Vanessa Werner (Prenatal Education, Birth & Postpartum Doula) that guides you to reconnect with yourself, your innate ways and your maternal intuition.

Each 2 hour gathering brings through relevant education while creating awareness and community, firmly grounding you within the root of yourself so you can embrace all parts of your journey ahead.

For more information or to sign up to the next ‘Maiden to Mother’ click the link below.


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