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For now, Mama, let's just 'be'...

Breathing into each moment, accepting all that is. You are on a journey, one that is only yours to live. It is a beautiful journey, a daunting journey, the most transformative, expanding, mind and body staggering journey that will demand everything from you and yet reveal all that is beyond the greatest feelings of love and joy to experience in this life.

I hear you Mama, continue to be loud and clear in your voice. Speak what you need without the heat of guilt. You deserve support and recognition from those who surround you. This space is here for you Mama, this space is here to be exactly as you need it to be. Without effort, without expectation. It is a space to hold you in safety as you let go, as you meet yourself in each breath. It is overwhelming - the information, the changes, the opinions, the processes, the expectations. You do not have to hold it all together and you do not need to have all the answers.

What you need has already been born within you, breathe deeply now to connect to your own wisdom. Listen Mama... listen to those whispers that are your intuition, listen to those instincts that is your bodies innate way of guidance. Stay here, in this moment, in this space, for as long as you need and know that it is a place that will always be here for you.


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