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To you, my darling, I thank you. And to you, my daughter, I make these promises:

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I don't really know what I'm doing, but I promise to always try my best. I promise to always put you first - forgive me when I fail! I promise to do my best to keep you safe. I promise to always make you smile and when there are tears instead, I promise to be the one to wipe them away...

I will be the one to cuddle you when you feel scared, to hold your hand when you feel sick, to read just one more book to you when you can't fall asleep. I will watch you take your first steps, hear you speak your first words, be there on your first day of school. And when its time to let go, I will be the one to wave goodbye and to watch you become a woman. Even if I am not present, my hear will always be there with you. There will come a time when these overwhelming emotions won't always be happy ones. There will be days filled with anger, with frustration, with sadness, with despair. One day we may fight over your clothing, why you can't have chocolate for breakfast and how long you have to stay in the bath. But today there are no arguments. There are no words. There are no sounds except your beating heart against mine and your sweet sigh as you drift off to sleep in my arms. And that's all we need right now. No matter what our future holds together or what mistakes I make along the way, my love for you is stronger than anything.



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