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Mother's Tea

The act of preparing this tea is one that should take time, with each step filled with an essence of nurturing.

As a mother prepares to meet her baby, this tea is an honouring of her initiation. As she moves through her transition, its ingredients simmering and warming to ultimately offer her the nourishment, hydration and comfort she will need after giving birth.


2 Tablespoons Shepherd Purse

1 Tablespoon Fennel Seeds

1 broken Cinnamon stick

1 Bendy straw

1 Tea strainer

The tea preparation is part of the setup for the birth when the birthing woman is reaching the pushing stage.


1. Put all herbs in a big pot.

2. Boil water separately and pour (at least 5 cups) over the herbs.

3. Allow to steep.

4. You may have to re warm the tea but please do that with the least heat possible.

(Leaf and seed herbs are not to be directly boiled).

5. Get a big mug ready: Sweeten with 2 teaspoons of maple syrup OR honey in the cup

6. Have bendy straw ready. Put a tea strainer over the top of the cup.

7. Make sure it’s warm but not hot enough to burn mother’s mouth with a swallow.

8. Serve just after baby is born

Without passing between the gaze of the mother and her baby, the bendy straw is put near her mouth and she can take a big swallow when she is ready. (Best to pass it from behind her if she’s sitting in a water tub).


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