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Birth Support

As a doula, I aim to inspire excitement and confidence in your birth journey while offering continuous emotional, educational and practical support. I am committed to facilitating a positive birth experience by encouraging informed choice and providing a foundation of personalised birth prep education that best supports you and your partner.


Birth Support Package includes:

  • Unlimited phone, text and email support to address questions or concerns

  • On call 24/7 from 36 weeks until your birth

  • 4x sessions during your 3rd Trimester (scroll for Session Content)

  • 2x Postpartum Care visits

  • Unwavering support to you and your partner during your labour and birth

  • Care Team Referrals

  • Birth pool rental options available to accomodate your birth plan

Pricing discussed during complimentary consultation 
Suggested package period: From 24 weeks of pregnancy 

**Options available to combine service packages

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preparing for a healthy birth

  • Baby positioning and your pelvis

  • Nutrition and Exercise 

  • Stretches and posture support

  • Your birth plan

  • Building your team

  • Pain perception & mindset including personalised support tools for mental & emotional wellbeing 

Labour & birth education

  • Tests and monitoring during birth

  • What to expect: Early Labour

  • Recognizing the phases of birth

  • Working with your baby

  • Demonstrating hands on comfort measures for labour

  • Understanding common medical interventions

  • Making informed personal decisions

postpartum care education

  • The importance of appropriate care

  • Breastfeeding & Comfort Measures

  • The first 'new' weeks with your baby

  • Creating a new routine

support during Labour & birth

  • An ally ensuring you are in your birth power and advocating for your birth preferences

  • Partner encouragement and support

  • Facilitate discussions to ensure you are informed and confident about any decision

  • Physical, emotional, and informational support to you during labour and birth

If you'd like to connect on a complimentary call with me, please click the button below.

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