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Birth Trauma Healing & Postnatal counselling

The time of birth and postpartum is one of huge transition. You are healing from your pregnancy and birth journey while learning the ways of a newborn. It is our physiologic design to be deeply rested and resourced for an optimum recovery from birth.

As a new mother, it is your innate knowing that you should only need to focus on your recovery and the discovery of your relationship with your newborn. Parenthood is usually accompanied with newfound pressures and demands on top of recovery, birth trauma, anxiety or depression. Mothers need to be supported to rest after birth, to receive the right nourishment and to have the time and space held so as they can feel complete on how their baby entered this world and confident in their new role of motherhood. 


I ensure a strong foundation of emotional and physical support, as well as offering guidance and information when needed such as helping you to access additional support for breastfeeding, sleep or counselling. 


Time and space will be held to ensure you gain closure on your birth experience, with discussion and somatic tools embodied to help you to process and release your birth energy. I will work with you to ensure I leave you with instilled confidence to move forward in your new chapter as a family. 


postpartum care Package includes:

So often our birth experiences (whether good or bad) continue to live on within us, manifesting and continuing to show up throughout our lives as we mother.

Our body stores our memories in our tissues and to carry our past with us in this way, we can be held back from the full potential of our future.

Postpartum support is a huge puzzle piece that is missing throughout our communities. To honour our future generations, we must first honor the wisdom of humanity and return to our innate roots of caring for mothers as they care for their newborns.


Maternal health is foundational to society's health.


Along with the essential pillars of warmth, nourishment, rest and community - intentional safe space needs to be created and held for women to be witnessed as they complete their rite of passage into motherhood.


In today's society - Postpartum depression, stress and anxiety and PTSD are now commonly experienced after most births and are not recognised nor appropriately responded to with individualised support.


My work is to sit with women in their discomforts, to help them feel validated on their own journey and to help them unpack what will be one of the biggest transitions they have experienced in their life so as they can move forward being the mother they have always dreamed of being, embracing who they are with acceptance and a newfound strength and admiration for who they are and the valuable life's work they do.


Just as you work to prepare for your pregnancy and birth, it is important you invest the time and effort to plan your postpartum world. Build your support system to include family help, meal trains, specialist care in the way of body workers (osteopath, naturopath, postpartum doula etc.) and know that you deserve to have the time and support you need so as you can step into this role of motherhood feeling held, acknowledged and with a voice that should always be heard.


emotional & mental wellbeing

nutritional support 

newborn care & Bonding

physical recovery support & rest

Postnatal depression


Birth Trauma Release




Prenatal Depression/anxiety/overwhelm

& resources 


discussion & restorative embodiment as you debrief your birth story

supporting you to trust your intuition & discovering your own parenting philosophy

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