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What is nervous system regulation?

Through the embodiment of 'breathwork', we are able to connect to the true rhythms of our nervous system and as a result, the current mental, emotional and physical state of our wellbeing. 'Conscious Connected' breathing reconnects us to our inhale and exhale allowing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to come back into balance, to regulate.


Breath is the body's natural healing system and by embodying a supportive breathing technique, you are able to create and allow space for your body to achieve healing as it seeks to; releasing stress and tension, improving nerve function, deepening lung capacity and offering insight into detoxification and transformation.


Relief can be felt from symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, stress, depression, insomnia and unresolved tensions. Cycles of unprocessed trauma are completed, natural balance is restored and the body is energised and elevated. 

A facilitated breath session with Vanessa will involve a consultation, coaching of the Conscious Connected technique and integration.

With each session, your breath pattern will improve and you will continue to feel the benefits of a fuller breath and balanced nervous system. 

Breathing Meditation

pregnancy & postpartum

Our natural breathing pattern dictates the volume of oxygen and the spaces this oxygen is received in our body. Where the breath is not received, can cause places of stagnation and the natural massaging of our internal organs through the movement of breath, is not able to be benefited from. 


As a Breathwork Facilitator and Full Spectrum Doula, I hold space to nurture, support and guide mothers and families during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum time.


The quality of care that women receive during the postpartum period will determine a woman's recovery – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is with proper postpartum care that women can actually become healthier and stronger through the postpartum period as well as impact their long-term wellness.

benefits during pregnancy

  • As your baby grows, your body requires more oxygen to function at its optimum. Your baby also needs adequate oxygen to grow. Through breathing exercises, your body will receive the oxygen it needs.

  • Anxiety and stress are a natural part of pregnancy. Through breathing exercises, you can stay calm, de-stress and maintain a deep connection to your body.

  • As you breathe deeply, you provide your body with more oxygen. This provides a natural relief from achy joints and muscles. 

  • The practice of breathwork will help you to stay ‘present’ during your pregnancy and labor.

benefits during postpartum

  • Breathwork is a gentle and supportive postpartum technique women can use as a self care tool to help support them in their recovery after birth. 

  • Through the breath, you are able to reconnect to and deepen into the body as the breath builds a foundation for healing and restrengthening the inner core. 

  • Through embodying supportive breathing techniques, you begin the healing process postpartum by simultaneously rehabbing both the deep core and the pelvic floor. 

  • Being able to "just breathe" in the early days postpartum also allows you to truly honour your body and process current experiences.

  • A level of holistic healing and restoration to the inner core unit is supported, as breath can help to assist with the re-aligning of organs back into their natural positions.

Image by Jeremy Bishop


Within sport, resilience is challenged, performance measured and mental and emotional strength tested as much as physical endurance. There can be pressure to exceed, frustrations with injuries and depression with recovery - to take a risk in any sport is to take a risk within and awareness of our breath and nervous system state is essential to your support.


Breathwork included as part of an effective training regime can:

  • Reduce breathlessness during exercise

  • Restore balance of the nervous system 

  • Increase oxygenated blood volume

  • Improve physical awareness and balance, mobility and flexibility

  • Help with acute and chronic pain management

  • Help to manage stress and anxiety while sharpening focus and concentration

  • Improve oxygen carrying capacity in the bloodstream and delivery to muscles & organs

  • Improve diaphragmatic and respiratory muscle strength

  • Boost energy levels and improve endurance

  • Improve breathing efficiency and circulation

  • Reduce recovery time and facilitate injury rehabilitation

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